Cat Hostel & Boarding

Place to keep your Cat safe and happy when you are away.

  • Individual suites

  • Play area with Cat trees

  • Toys to Play

  • Enclosed balcony for fresh air

  • Bird watch area

  • Indoor Cat friendly plants

  • Scratchers

  • Daily Grooming

  • Pick up and Drop


About Us

Let Meow Care pamper your felines with the respect and love they deserve.
The Tricity's ONLY CATS EXCLUSIVE HOSTEL is located on VIP Road Zirakpur, a few minutes' drive from Chandigarh/Panchkula/Mohali with pick and drop facility. We provide homely , loving and individualized cat care you have been seeking for your treasured felines. We have been living with four loving cats since last few years so we understand their characters and needs. Basis this, we provide cozy and comfortable stay for all kinds of cats. 
Boarding for well loved cats! At Meow Care Home you won't find barking dogs or tiny steel cages. Our spaces are designed and decorated with cat behavior in mind.  We  have limited spaces available. This means we have plenty of time to spend with each cat daily, and every cat gets access to fresh air and green zone. Very limited interaction is allowed between cats.  Cats are only allowed with their feline family members and  our staff. Our entire goal is to provide you and your cats, the lowest stress and cat boarding you have ever experienced.


Our Services

What's Provided

Feeding food on your cat's regular schedule


Clumping cat litter, scooped twice daily

Suite cleaned daily

unnamed (1).jpg

Fresh water changed daily

Daily Playtime with staff


Suite with cat toys and scratching post

Daily scratches and cuddles


To stay at Meow Care

We reserve the right to refuse any cat or client, or client requested style, for the safety of your cat or our staff. 

  • Current rabies shot paperwork required. Unvaccinated cats are not accepted. 

  • No sick, sneezing, or URI affected cats will be accepted. 

  • Pick up/Drop off if required by appointment during regular business hours.

  • Long holiday bookings require a deposit of 3 nights. 

  • Cats with medications are accepted with a trial visit before their stay to ensure we can give them their medication. We do not give any injections. Medication charge is Rs 50 per administration either by mouth or in food. 



As far as we can remember we always had pets around us in our growing years since. We grew up in Himachal Pradesh with adorable Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Birds who shared our life,our dreams and as years passed by, they became the most integral part of our life and we knew when we grew up if ever we did something it had to be for these four legged companions, and thus the journey of Meow Care began.

Today we have a total of four Cats who are an integral part of Meow Care Home.

Neha Chaudhary

Shweta Chaudhary



They are very friendly. Our Cat stayed with them and we liked it so much that we used their service again. The best part is their amazing photographs. I can see what my pet is doing and how he is eating and playing. My cat sweetly loves this boarding . Amazing service!

We've left our kitten (Mufasa) twice with them, and the longest being two weeks. When we brought him back home, it was evident that he had been kept healthy and in good company because he kept meowing at the main door for the next 24 hrs seemingly looking for Neha's 3 cats. We can now comfortably spend our travels without stress because we know our cat will be taken good care of.

Riya Sharma


Contact us

To contact us, please call or whatsApp at 9888709879.Calls preferred, as it is hard to give a consult over whatsApp.  We are happy to answer your questions and give you multiple solutions to your cat's boarding needs.

Working hours: Monday to Sunday 24 hours


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